Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar

After the bout of bad cough and flu, I learnt that loving myself is more important now than before. Need more nourishing stuff for myself! 

Bird's nest is considered as a tonic in TCM, and is good in relieving asthma and chronic cough, clears phglem and relieve fatigue. Ah, and of course bird's nest is known to maintain good complexion and enhance youthfulness! 

I used to consume bottled bird's nest but dislike the sweetness, so now I turned to double-boiling my own. More work for sure but I get more and better stuff out of the money paid.

Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar

2-3 pieces bird's nest
10 slices of American ginseng [optional]
6 small red dates (pitted) [optional]
1 dried honey date [optional]
3 small size yellow rock sugar
1.5 to 2 rice bowl of lukewarm water

1. Soak bird's nest pieces in a bowl of water for about 1 hour till it softened.

2. Remove feathers and dirt from bird's nest using a tweezer.  Be careful not to grasp the bird nest too hard as the softened bird nest will break up.
3. Rinse well and drain.

4. Put cleaned bird's nest and all other ingredients into a small pot (good for double-boiling), and top with lukewarm water.
5. Put pot into a bigger pot of boiling water and double boil for about 1 hour to 1.5 hour (depending on thickness of bird nest).
6. Serve chilled or when cooled.

Consume them before meals to allow better absorption of its nutrients.

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