Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dessicated coconut buns (Sponge dough method)

Made some dessicated coconut buns last weekend. After that, was banned from baking for a week as I was ill again, this time from the terrible vertigo and suffered from low blood pressure. Combi of these 2 made me suffer quite badly. Spinning head, light head, nauseous all visited me. I wish all these end soon. Cannot wait to be back to good health and get back into my kitchen!

Now back to the coconut buns.  I have a liking for coconut stuff, so I just had to try this, and of cuz using the sweet bun recipe (sponge dough method) recipe I always fall back on, except that I used just water this time and not pandan juice.

Preparation of dessicated coconut fillings
200g dessicated coconut
4 pandan leaves
120g gula melaka (palm sugar) - cut into small pieces
5 tbsp water
2 tsp cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water

1. In a pot, stir pandan leaves, gula melaka with water until disolved.
2. Add dessicated coconut and stir till well blended and half dry.
3. Pour in cornstarch mixture and mix till thickens. Remove pandan leaves and let cool before use.


- for those buns that you would like have dessicated coconut coatings on the outside, brush bun with water and dip bun top in plain dessicated coconut.
- for more flavourful buns, may do pandan sweet buns with this filling. (I just started growing my own pandan leaves! So there will be more pandan bakes in future :D)

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