Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coconut Milk Loaf Bread 椰奶吐司

I finally got my hands on bread making again and this time I tried a recipe from Carol's bread recipe book which I bought during a staycation in JB some time back.

I prefer reading off books than from the internet. I am quite an old school. Hubby said my recipe book collection is growing and taking up quite abit of our study room space. Oh well, this is one thing he can never stop me from buying (apart from bags! Keke~)

soft and fluffy I could eat it on its own :)

Now back to this bread, a yummy one. It stayed soft even on the 3rd day. 1 way that I can use up my free supply of Kara coconut milk. 

This bread got me hooked on the bread making affair again. What bread should I bake the next round leh?? So many I cannot decide! :P

Coconut Milk Loaf Bread 椰奶吐司 
Recipe adapted from Carol 烘焙新手必備第二本書 (P.280) 

高筋麵粉270g bread flour (I used total of 300g bread flour) 
低筋麵粉30g  plain flour (Did not use this) 
速發乾酵母 3g instant yeast
細砂糖30g caster sugar
鹽1/8tsp salt
蛋一顆(50g) egg
椰漿 150ml coconut milk (I used Kara coconut cream and it worked well)


1. If using bread machine, add wet ingredients (coconut milk and egg) into bread machine, and top with bread flour.

2. Place caster sugar at one corner of bread flour, and salt on the opposite corner.  Make a hole in centre of bread flour and spoon in yeast, cover with bread flour.  Put bread machine to start its mixing and kneading process.
3. I just let my bread machine do the mixing of ingredients and remove the dough to knead manually when the dough comes together.
4. As per the usual, knead till bread is elastic and reaches window pane stage.

5. Mould bread into round shape and leave in bowl to proof for 50 to 60min or till double in size.
6. Remove bread and knock out excess air.  Divide into 6 equal portions and shape into round dough, place them into greased bread loaf tin.  Spray top of dough with some water and cover with a cloth and leave to proof  for an hour.  

7. Preheat oven to180dec C.
8. Beat whole egg and brush dough top with eggwash, put to bake in preheated oven for 35 to 38min.


  1. Hi Janice,
    Lovely bread! Looks so soft and fluffy! Carol's recipes are always good, but too bad I cannot read Chinese at all! Wish her books are in bilingual languages! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    I agree that bread making is very addictive!! :)

  2. Thanks Joyce :) Am finally back to bread making after the long CNY break. There are so many more recipes from Carol's book that I cannot wait to try. More to bake, more to share :D


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