Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Baileys Irish Cream Chiffon Cake

I am back (okay... was back since like 2 weeks back :P)! The much needed and looked-forward-to vacation in Japan has been done and I am once again back to this hot and humid country. Aren't I glad to not have to add the word hazy too. Hurhur.

This trip to Kyushu was good, like always! No disappointment, just fun and happiness.  Being my fifth trip to Japan, all things I see and people I meet there still impresses me.

Will you be amused if I told you I am still having the post holiday blues now???  And this explains the slow momentum in getting back into my kitchen! Reminiscing all good times made me lazy hahaha!  So expect slow updates.  All I have here after this are mostly photos of my Baileys Irish Cream Chiffon Cake. Simple, but yummy.

Be back soon!

Dig in!

Baileys Irish Cream Chiffon Cake

Egg yolk mixture
5 egg yolks
20g sugar
30g oil 
70g Baileys Irish Cream 
100g cake flour

Egg white meringue 

5 egg white
1/8 tsp lemon juice
60g sugar

1. C
ombine egg yolks and sugar and mix well with a whisk till sugar is dissolved.

2. Stir in oil and Baileys Irish Cream, whisk till combined before adding in sifted cake flour and mix well till no clumps are present.

3. In a separate clean and dry mixing bowl, add in egg white and beat till large bubbles are formed. In 3 additions, add in sugar. Make sure to beat till sugar is dissolved in between each addition. Stop when the white mixture reaches stiff peak stage.

4. In 3 additions, fold in egg white meringue into yolk mixture in a one gentle direction, taking care not to over fold and deflate mixture.

5. Pour cake mixture into chiffon tube pan and put to bake in a preheated oven and bake at 160deg C for 1 hour or till done.

6. Remove from oven and overturn to allow chiffon cake to cool before slicing.

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