Friday, November 14, 2014

ABC Soup with Water Chestnuts

Plagued by a bad throat and blocked nose yet again.  Not sure if it is the weather or my weak body playing games with me. It seems to be more like the latter. My weak weak body. I get heaty so easily, so much more nowadays that I have to wean off spicy food. I am capping a limit to anything spicy nowadays. A little more of them and my throat and stomach suffer! Sobs. Now, I am not gonna let this little problem upset me. There are definitely so much more yummy food out there without the chillies and spices.

Some 2 weeks back, I started using my thermal cooker again for my soups. *Dust cobwebs off my thermal cooker*

I love how this wonderful pot can churn out good soup without the hours of simmer over the stove. I just need to wake up slightly earlier each morning, put all ingredients into them, bring pot to boil, leave in thermal pot holder and then come back home to a nice bowl of soup. How nice :)

Do you like ABC soup as much as we do? We enjoy drinking this soup, and we could consume this on its own without rice. Love the amount of vitamins and nutrients packed in this soup, ingredients within easy reach and easy to cook. Try it if you haven't :)

ABC Soup with Water Chestnuts

4 whole potatoes (Russet or Brastagi are fine) (de-skin & cut into 4 pieces)
2 medium tomatoes
1 carrot (de-skin & cut into serving pcs)
8 water chestnuts (de-skin and cut into half)
1 onion (de-skin)
3 medium size dried scallops (rinsed)
300g pork ribs
1.5 to 2 litres of water
salt to taste

Garnishing: Spring Onions (optional)

1. Wash pork ribs. Blanch pork ribs in a pot of boiling water to remove scums and oil. Rinse briefly and leave aside.
2. Put 2 litres of water into thermal pot and bring to boil before adding in all ingredients and pork ribs (except tomatoes) into boiling pot. Let boil for further 15 minutes or if time permits,  30 minutes more.
3. Turn off heat and immediately lift thermal pot into thermal pot holder and close lid. Soup will continue to cook on its own and be kept warm.
4. When ready to consume, remove thermal pot and put on stove to bring soup to boil. Add in tomatoes pieces, Add salt to taste and serve.

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