Thursday, November 13, 2014

Chocolate Bread with Golden Raisins

Just last week I gave my bread machine another chance to let it prove its worth of not just being able to do initial mixing and knead, but also to final stage of baking the bread. And it showed me it could produce a decent and soft loaf of bread. 

See how the bread grew and turned into a ball of bread instead of a loaf!  Bread was so soft till top got dent marks when I removed it from the tin to cool.

I used the recipe from Kenwood's BM recipe manual and substituted milk with yoghurt.  Not sure if it was a blessing in disguise to have forgotten to buy the milk while on the way home from work, but this time my BM baked me a loaf bread that stayed soft till the 3rd day.  My last few tries with milk weren't this good, so... yoghurt is here to stay when I wanna put my BM to work from the start till end ;)

Chocolate Bread
 (Recipe from Kenwood World with slight changes)

For 750g loaf
1 egg + water (Place 1 egg into a jug and add in water to make up 225ml)
100ml semi-skimmed milk (I used yoghurt)
1tbsp cocoa powder 
1 1/2tsp salt   
40g caster sugar 
25g butter   
450g unbleached white bread flour   
1 1/2tsp easy blend dried yeast 
75g plain continental style (70% cocoa) chocolate, coarsely chopped or use plain chocolate chips (I included 5 tbsp of golden raisins, briefly rinse in water and drained the raisins before use)

1. Put all ingredients into BM according to above sequence (except for chocolate chips), from wet to dry.
2. Select Function 1 for Basic Bread, 750g weight and the type of crust you like (I chose thinnest crust). Press the Start button to let BM work.
3. Add the chocolate chips (and drained golden raisins) when the bread maker makes an audible sound during 2nd kneading cycle.
4. Remove bread tin when BM is done with the baking, remove bread and let cool on cooling rack before slicing.


  1. Hi, may I ask what's the purpose of rinsing the raisins? Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Rita, raisins, when bought tend to be dried & chewy, hence it is good to plump them by rinsing or soaking in water for 10min (and then drying them gently with a kitchen towel) so the raisins stay juicy while baking. =)


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