Monday, November 24, 2014

Tomato Rice with Sunny Side Up Egg (Rice Cooker Version)

There has been this tomato rice craze going on in the Facebook & blogsphere for the longest time. I see so many people cooking this and raving about how yummy it is. I hesitated for so long before I finally got my butt up to want to try the tomato rice out.

I did so yesterday for Hubby and my brother who stayed over at our place for the weekend. I had 2 guinea pigs this time :P

Tomato Rice with Sunny Side Up Egg

1 big tomatoes or 2 small tomatoes (washed & stem removed)
2 chicken thighs (de-skinned, remove fats & cut into small pieces)
4 tbsp mixed peas (rinsed & drained)
5 button mushrooms (sliced thinly)
1.5 cup rice (washed to normal rice cooking level)

1.2 tbsp olive oil
a pinch of salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
a dash of pepper

1. Remove about  5 tbsp if using 1 big tomato & 10 tbsp of rice water if using 2 tomatoes. (just make sure that rice water level is about same level as those of the ingredients added) The cooked whole tomato will produce lots of water when mashed, so too much water will cause the rice to be sticky when mixed with the mashed tomato.
2. Place all seasonings into pot and mix well with the rice and water.

3. Spoon in ingredients separately, leaving some space in the centre for tomato.
4. Place the tomato (top facing down) in the centre and put cooker to cook.

5. When rice is cooked & ready to be eaten, mash tomato to release the juice and mix it well with the rice and ingredients.  (You may remove the tomato skin if you want to)  Serve immediately.


  1. Hi Phong Hong! Hmm, personally I think that this tomato rice is just normal. Nothing too fanciful about it. If one has a light taste bud, this tomato rice will suit them best. :D Have you tried cooking the tomato rice yet?

    1. Janice, not yet. I did contemplate but I kinda felt it won't be that nice and you have confirmed that it is just OK hee..hee...


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