Thursday, December 4, 2014

Durian Roll Cake

There has been a swiss roll cake craze going on in one of the FB food group which I joined. Everyone is making roll cakes like every other day. I had some durian puree left from making the durian puffs and hence I decided to ride on this craze as well. I made a durian roll cake! An original flavour roll cake filled with thick thick durian filling - mainly durian puree thinned with some tablespoons of fresh milk. This is normally what I do to my durian filling as Hubby and I, both the durian lovers just love our durian fillings as original as possible, and we do not really fancy whip cream. So that's it! It was a good swiss roll cake with yummy filling.

Hubby had 3 slices in a sitting and said it was really a good swiss roll cake, if not, much better than store bought ones because my homemade cake has far thicker filling. Wah... I tell you ah, I was literally on cloud nine when he said that! I could feel how he enjoyed the cake when he went describing it. My hubby ah!

I used Junko's deco roll cake recipe but I skipped the deco part and did a plain cake. A soft and fluffy cake was achieved and I was super happy. I tried making swiss roll cakes many many times but ended up with either an overbaked cake that was dry and cracked when rolled, or an underbaked cake that had a sticky top. Boy, I almost gave up on swiss roll making. Glad I pressed on and tried again for the xxth time. Preseverance is indeed important!

Durian Roll Cake
(Roll cake recipe translated from Junko's Deco Roll Cake recipe book)

4 egg yolks
35g caster sugar
60ml water
40ml oil
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
80g plain flour

4 egg whites
30g caster sugar
1 tsp corn flour

Durian filling
250g durian puree
3 tbsp fresh milk (or more if required to thin durian puree to desired consistency)

1. Prepare 10inch by 10inch baking tray line with baking paper.  You may lightly grease baking tray with some cooking oil and then line baking paper to prevent baked cake from having "wrinkles".  Preheat oven to 170deg C. Prepare 2 other pieces of baking paper (slightly bigger size than baking tray) or use later after cake is baked.

2. Combine egg yolks and caster sugar in A and beat till egg yolk mixture turns white and pale, and air bubbles show up when beating stops.
3. Add in water, oil and vanilla essence and mix well.  Sift in plain flour and mix well.  Set aside.
4. Beat egg whites in a clean and dry bowl till frothy, add in corn flour and beat till combined.
5. In 3 separate additions, add caster sugar into egg white mixture and beat till stiff peaks form.
6. In 3 separate additions, spoon white eggs into yolk mixture and fold in carefully till a smooth batter forms (take care not to overfold and deflate the batter).

7. Pour batter onto lined baking tray and smooth out top with a scraper.  Put to bake at 170deg C for 14min or till done.  (Cake should spring back when pressed slightly, toothpick to come out dry when inserted into centre of cake, and when pressed gently there should be slight "sss" sound.  Overbaked cake will have cracks showing up when rolled.)
8. Remove tray from oven and overturn tray on 1 piece of baking paper atop a cooling rack. Remove the lined baking paper sticking on cake and cover cake with baking tray.  Let cool for about 10min or till cake is cool.  Remove baking tray.

9. Spread prepared durian filling all over cake, leaving about 1cm of far end clear of filling.

10. Roll up cake into a log shape with the help of bottom baking paper and twist sides of baking paper to hold the cake.  Rest rolled cake with the end at the bottom and leave cake in fridge for at least an hour before cutting.  Best served chilled.

You may lessen durian puree to 150g and add 100ml of whipping cream to durian filling if you do not like thick durian filling.


  1. Janice, you are tempting me with your durian roll cake! I want my filling thick with 100% durians too :) I still have fear of baking swiss roll. I am afraid that it would break when I roll it. I guess I have to take that chance or else I'll never learn.

  2. Phong Hong, I too had that fear of baking swiss roll cakes, and I had never once made a crack-free cake till this time. I tried the rolling of cake before it even cooled and it still cracked and broke. I then tried letting it cooled with the bake tray over to keep the moisture in, spread filling when cake was almost cool to touch, then roll away and voila! I did it this time. If I can do it, you definitely can do it too! I am addicted to rolling these cakes :)

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