Saturday, December 27, 2014

Prawn Noodles with Prime Ribs

My mum is a great cook and cooks wonderful laksa and prawn mee. She is my inspiration when it comes to cooking. Always yearn to be a great cook like my mum and here I am, on this journey. I'm lovin' it!

Tried cooking prawn mee for the first time ever. Not a bad try but could improve further. Nevertheless I am gonna document this down and do better the next round :) Gonna be some time later before I cook this again since prawn mee soups are laden with cholesterol that we all ought to be aware of!

Prawn Noodles with Prime Ribs
(Serves 2)

2 servings of yellow noodles or vermicelli
300g prime pork ribs
300g to 350g tiger prawn shells (heads and tails) - I collected this over few weeks because we don't eat prawns that often
12 tiger prawns or more (deshelled and deveined)
fishcakes, as desired
4 tbsp oil 
8-10 pc garlic (minced)
1 tbsp dried shrimps (minced)
1 tbsp of dark soy sauce
1 tbsp of rock sugar or brown sugar
Pepper, to taste
Salt, to taste
3 tbsp fried onions (2 for saute-ing, and 1 for garnishing -optional)
2.5l of water
4-5 red chili (chopped) - optional
chilli powder - optional
1 small bunch of beansprouts or kangkung - optional

1. Put a small pot of water to boil for blanching prime ribs to rid scums and excess oil. Drain and set aside.
2. Boil 2litres to 2.5litres water - for soup base.
3. Heat oil on high heat in a large pot or wok. Add in washed and cleans prawn shells and saute till fragrant as well as colour cha ges to orange.

4. Add in minced garlic, dried shrimps and sugar and stir fry till fragrant. Stir in fried onions.

5. Add in the boiling water into pot/ wok with prawn shells and mix well. Add in dark soy sauce and pepper. Stir well.

6. Add in prime ribs and mix well. Let boil on high heat for 5min and then lower heat to simmer for 1.5 hour and turn off heat. When ready to serve, let soup come to boil on high heat, use a strainer to remove prawn shells and place in prawns with a strainer to blanch them. Remove and set aside. Do the same with the fish cakes. Sliced the fishcakes thinly after blanch. Thereafter taste soup and add salt to taste, if required.
7. Blanch noodles in a small pot and place in serving bowl. Blanch washed bean sprouts in same pot and place over noodles.

8. Place blanched prawns and sliced fishcakes into bowl. Ladle prawn soup and prime ribs over noodles. Garnish with fried onions and chilli powder if preferred. Serve.


  1. Janice, your prawn noodles are very luxurious with added ingredient of prime ribs. Yum! Yum! From what I see so far, you are already a great cook. Just like your mum!

    1. Thanks Phong Hong 😊 advantage of homecooked food is having more ingredients than the noodles itself keke!


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