Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homemade Chicken Floss

What do you do normally do with the pork ribs and chicken breast meat that you cook in your soup? Throw them away? Or eat them do you?

I am the guilty one - dumping them after we are finished with consuming the soup.  Well, unless I use chicken drumsticks or good pork ribs, I normally do not eat the meat used to cook the soups.

Last week I came across Everybody Eats Well In Flanders' post on making chicken floss with the help of bread machine and it got me excited. I knew I had to do this and could do it some hours later since I had a pot of soup simmering away for our dinner. I got my bread machine to work soon after that night.  Chicken floss was churned out in some 2 hours' time! No sweat :)

I am still very much amazed at my bread machine's ability to make not just bread, but jams and now, chicken and pork floss!  Meat floss goes well with porridge and fried rice, right? Hehe! Another reason for me to cook more soup :P

Chicken Floss
300g chicken, boiled and shredded, and drained well of liquid
2.5 tbsp fish sauce (I used 1 tbsp abalone sauce instead which worked well too. Abalone sauce is okay too)
5 tbsp fine sugar (I used 4 tbsp fine brown sugar)
1.5 tbsp dark soya sauce
3 tbsp water

1. Place deboned meat into a ziplock bag and press it flat. Add in all the seasonings into the ziplock bag and mix well.
2. Add in the seasoned meat into the bread machine.  Select Jam function 10 (Function number 10 on Kenwood BM250), takes 1h 05min per cycle) and do it 2 times/cycles, a total of 2h 10min. The Jam Function starts stirring continuously for first 10min after being started and until 10 or 15min before end, it will not have any stirring in between that.  I used a spatula and stir up the floss in between the heating cycle when machine stirring is not going on.  This is done to prevent overheating at bottom of floss when floss are being heated and dried, causing it to be a little black.
3. After 2 cycles are up, remove floss and leave to cool before scooping into airtight containers or bottles for storing.  Keeps well for roughly up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.
(I aren't too sure if it could keep longer than that as we finished the floss before that :P)

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