Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Avocado Gula Melaka Popsicles

Now how can one tolerate with such a hot and humid weather??? Aircon has been my best friend these days. All I want to do when at home is stay in my room with the air con and TV nowadays. Super no life!

To curb the heat, I cannot stop making popsicles. Eating icecreams make me fat (and guilty).  Popsicles are the new icecream (at least for me and hubby!).

So easy and fun to make, kids can join in the fun too!

Go make and eat them!! Yummy!

Avocado Gula Melaka Popsicles
2 ripe avocados
230ml milk
1.5 tbsp gula melaka syrup (for blending)
1 tbsp (for swirl patterns)

Gula Melaka syrup
100g gula melaka
40ml water
4 pcs of pandan leaves, knotted

Place gula melaka, water and knotted pandan leaves into saucepan and let gula melaka melt. Stir well. You may use a spatula to gentle press down pandan leaves and stir about so that gula melaka syrup will be infused with pandan fragrance.

Pour gula melaka syrup through sieve to rid bits of residue. Ready to use.

1. Half avocados and scoop out fruit flesh using a spoon and place into blender.
2. Add in milk and gula melaka syrup. Place on blender cover and blend into smoothie. If smoothie is too thick, add in a little more water. You may do a taste test, if smoothie is not sweet to your liking, add in more gula melaka syrup accordingly. Blend well.
3. Spoon into popsicle moulds. For swirl patterns, spoon in blended smoothie halfway up mould, spoon in some gula melaka syrup, top with smoothie to almost top of mould and then use a chopstick to stir and make swirl patterns.
4. Stick in popsicle mould cover and place in freezer.

5. When frozen and ready to eat, place popsicle mould under tap water, taking care not to let water sip into frozen popsicles. Twist and remove. Enjoy!

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