Monday, September 21, 2015

Steamed Cod Fish with Minced Garlic

I love to eat fish cooked this way. I love garlic and love how it covers the fishy smell. A simple and easy way to have the fish prepped, cooked and eaten in no time!

Steamed Cod Fish with Minced Garlic

1 sliced of cod fish (roughly 250g)
garlic puree (I used minced garlic instead, from 4 garlic pcs)
10g spring onion (I used 2 pcs of spring onions, cut them thinly sideways and placed them in water with some ice cubes for 30min, the spring onions will curl to form some garnishings)

1 tbsp Oyster sauce
3 tsp water
1 tsp caster sugar

1. Put steamer to boil on high heat.
2. Combine oyster sauce, water and sugar in a bowl and mix well.

3. Wash cod fish and dry with a kitchen towel, then place on a plate for steaming.
4. Spoon minced garlic over cod fish and drizzle seasoning sauce over. Top with spring onion curls.
5. Place cod fish to steam for 7 min on high heat ot till cooked. Serve immediately.

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