Friday, February 13, 2015

Durian Lapis 榴莲千层糕

Am I crazy or what?? I actually did a 2nd lapis. This is not me because I have never attempted doing 2 lapis in 1 CNY haha! The effort and time put in for a lapis could allow me to get so much things done at home, but I willingly give the time up for this sinful yet decadent cake that to me, is the must-have for every CNYs. 

This time I tried my hand at making a durian lapis since Hubby "replenished" my Mao Shan Wang puree stock some months back when the durian season was back for that short period. This durian lapis was quite good I must say. 

About 2 tablespoon heapful of MSW durian puree went into the already-sinful-enough lapis cake. Diet plans can always be shelved to another day, right? Hehe~

Oh I need to add that I do not always have good baking days, I do have my fair share of lousy bakes too. Like this time, the lazy me decided to skip greaseproof paper lining part and just brush on some butter on the tin base. 

All was good till the unmoulding part! The cake base somehow stuck on to the tin, with only the sides released with the help of my sharp knife. Only after some knockings on the base that my durian lapis finally got dislodged from tin, and it was not a pretty sight because the bottom centre part came right off, about like 2 layers of my lapis centre got stuck to the tin. Ah well, I learnt never to be lazy and skip the lining part. Life's a never ending learning journey :)

6 days countdown to the Lunar CNY! 1st round of reunion dinner with my family tomorrow and I cannot wait to feast on Mummy's cooking! Seems like lots of families are gathering to have reunion dinners like me on Saturday, which also happens to be Valentine's Day. Truly a period to be merry, with the season of love as well as festive celebrations. Have fun and huat ah!!!

Durian Lapis
Recipe by Jane's Corner

300g butter (I used 100g margerine and 200g unsalted butter)
(I used 300g President brand salted butter)
80g sugar
90g condensed milk
150g durian pulp (blend) (I used durian puree)
300g egg yolks (I used 19 yolks that weighed around 310g)
35g low protein flour 
15g milk powder
2 egg white

1. Cream butter until creamy. Add in condensed milk and durian pulp. Continue beating until light and fluffy. Leave aside.
I was lazy to wash the beaters so I did the whites first, then the yolks and finally the butter. I saved washing up and could beat and mix the different ingredients one after another hehe!

2. In a clean mixing bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy (about 15mins).
3. Sieve flour and milk powder and fold into egg mixture. Continue mixing until well combined.
4. Add in butter mixture and mix well.
5. In a clean mixing bowl, beat egg whites until light and stiff peak.
6. Add (5) into (4). Mixed well.
7. Grease a 7" cake tin and bake each layer 70g for 7 mins on top fire 160C (I make 13 layers: 5 layers original colour, 3 red, 5 original)

The blops of browned top made the lapis looked yucky, but heng ah, it tasted yummy. Moist and flavourful.

8. For last layer, turn oven to top and bottom heat and bake the whole cake at 180C for further 15 minutes.

Sliced a portion for photography...

... and wrapped the rest in clingwraps to be given away to Dad, Sis and MIL.

And so, this sums up my CNY bakes. Nothing adventurous like many other wonderful foodie bloggers. I really salute you all!!! 

This durian lapis is a good bake. A recipe which is here to stay! 


  1. Janice, I salute you! This is very time consuming cake and your lapis turned out so well. I don't think I have the stomach for this- I mean the baking part. Eating part, no problems hee..hee...

    1. Wah Phong Hong, I salute you too lor! U made so much yummylicious food that made me wanna gobble up my phone. My food just seem so plain when put next to yours wor!!
      Ya, I also duno where did the energy come from to push me to bake this cake. It drained me out totally and I slept so well after that. I wish I could just eat and no need bake wor, but sadly, buying lapis in Sg is too ex.

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